CalgaryHacks 2023 is a 24 hour sprint-style, competitive programming contest designed to promote creativity, collaboration, and innovative thinking. In the spirit of a sprint-style event, groups (1-5 people) will be presented with 3 prompts the day of the event and will be tasked with developing a solution to the prompt of their choice. Participants will have total creative control over how they address the prompt, submissions could be anything from a live website to a proof-of-concept.

Please register before 10:00 am on February 18th!

See for examples of CalgaryHacks 2022 submissions.

This is the premier opportunity for students of all levels, from high school to graduate, to apply their skills in a practical and resume boosting way. Groups will pitch their work live to panels of judges made up of both academic and industry professionals. 

There are two prize tracks for this competition, Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 1 has large cash prizes and is open to students of all levels. Tier 2 is only open to first year undergrads and high school students and has smaller cash prizesWe will also have smaller Bounty Challenges that will be rewarded with cash prizes that groups can incorporate into their submission, for example a bounty challenge may prompt students to use a specific API in their solution. Bounty Prizes are open to both Tiers.

CalgaryHacks is being held as an inperson event open to all students studying in Canada, you must attend in person to compete. Announcements will be made on our Discord server, make sure to join to stay up to date.


Draw Prizes

We will be raffling draw prizes during the closing ceremonies of the event. Individuals who's group participated in judging will be eligible for the draw.

Referral Prizes
3 winner - $CAD224 cash value

We will be raffling a $128, $64 and a $32 draw prizes during the closing ceremonies of the event for individuals who referred other contestants. Individuals will be eligible if their group participated in judging.


All source code of a project must be submitted for the group to be eligible for prizing. All functionality demonstrated in the presentation demo must be present in the submitted source code.

Submissions must be novel work created during the 24 hour span of the competition.

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$CAD9,750 in prizes

Tier 1 - First Place

Tier 1 - Second Place

Tier 1 - Third Place

Tier 2 - First Place

Tier 2 - Second Place

Tier 2 - Third Place

Bounty 1

Bounty 2

Bounty 3

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    How innovative is your project?
  • UX/UI
    Was the user considered in the design process?
  • Presentation Quality
    How well was the the idea presented?

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